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SubbaNaidu MadalaSubbaNaidu Madala
09:52 19 Feb 24
I had a positive experience with hair transplant surgery in Turkey 6 months back, and I'm expressing gratitude towards Mr. Yavuz, the consultant, Evolve Hair center .for the care and assistance provided throughout the process. It's wonderful to me that I felt welcomed and well-taken care of during my journey, from my arrival in Turkey to the completion of the procedure. If I have any more questions or if there's anything else I'd like to share, feel free to talk to Mr Yavuz .He's a nice and always at anytime helps me. I had a smooth recovery and the best results from your surgery! I really suggest if anyone want to take hair transplant surgery through this center happy togo.the result wil be good and everyone is nice and good . Once again Special Thanks to Evolve Hair center and the whole team.
Monica VaglicaMonica Vaglica
20:20 14 Feb 24
Hello everyone, my name is Biagio and I come from Italy. I had wanted to make a change to my appearance for a long time and thanks to a friend who recommended Mr Yavuz's clinic "Evolve hair Center" I decided to undergo a hair transplant.What to say!My experience was fantastic, everything organized in the best possible way and many thanks to the whole entourage and especially to Mr. Yavuz for their service and especially for the scrupulous patient care.My biggest worry was not being able to communicate because I don't speak English but instead it was easy because they gave me a very good interpreter who never left me alone, in fact, on the day of departure he followed me to the boarding gates inside the airport, fantastic!!!Mr. Yavuz took care of me from the first moment. He explained and sent me all the documentation on the treatments as well as photos and videos with all the necessary explanations.The clinic team was professional and I had a nice welcome, they calmed me down and made me feel at home straight away.As for the hotel and all the services related to the transfer, I have only good memories, 5-star hotels, modern and well-kept rooms and breakfast like a king.👍👍👍👍I will definitely return with my family to Istanbul and visit Mr. Yavuz and hope to spend a few moments with him toasting everyone's medical health success.In Italy there is a proverb that says:"You don't change a winning team!....And I don't change!!!"I recommend my beautiful experience with "Evolve hair Center" to everyone⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💯 💯💯💯🔝🔝🔝
Vedat TanerVedat Taner
17:37 14 Feb 24
Fatma TanerFatma Taner
15:51 14 Feb 24
Frantz AnnaFrantz Anna
08:21 31 Jan 24
R Bharath kumarR Bharath kumar
18:00 28 Jan 24
Only one word can explain my satisfaction with with this clinic , i.e outstanding from the beginning to end everything is like good English breakfast in Turkey style .Absolutely phenomenal service,if anyone is still donno what to consult for a better hair treatment, please blindly believe YAVUZ ,and the This clinic😍 Tq for the amazing experience buddy .
17:09 28 Jan 24
Yavuz always makes sure everything is done efficiently . Service is always the best and everything is always smooth without any concerns . It was my dad’s second session for his hair transplant and the results first time were amazing and we don’t doubt they’ll be excellent this time too! Would definitely recommend.
My name is Simon, I am 58 years old and live in the UK. I have just been for the second of two hair transplants, both expertly handled and overseen personally by Yavuz the owner of Evolve Hair Center.I required two visits a year apart in order to maintain my donor area and get the best overall coverage. I was told about Yavuz by my Barber and took a leap of faith and made the trip over to Istanbul. I was a little unsure as this was quite a big deal, but needn't have worried. Yavuz made each of my two trips effortless and stress free. Each time my wife accompanied me and we were put up in two fabulous 5 star hotels and got to spend a few days seeing Istanbul making a mini holiday out of it as well. All transfers were included so we literally had nothing other than our flights to arrange.On this latest session I opted to be sedated (something that Evolve offer now) and this made the whole procedure totally painless, the first time I had local anaesthesia which was a little uncomfortable if I am being honest. For me the sedation was so worth while. I also had three 2 hours sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen treatment to maximise the success of the transplant, again another service offered by Evolve Hair Center.All in all I have been so impressed with this company and the way they operate and highly recommend them.
Ramazan SaatciRamazan Saatci
16:59 04 Jan 24
It was an operation that broke all my fears and prejudices. There is only a little pain during the local anesthesia part. Other than that, it was a perfect transaction from start to finish. It felt like I had a hair transplant during my day off 🙂 I would like to thank the entire team for their attention from start to finish 🙂
Burak CakirBurak Cakir
13:16 25 Dec 23
18:01 24 Dec 23
Batuhan Kadir CıbırBatuhan Kadir Cıbır
19:47 22 Dec 23
Ali Eren ŞimşekAli Eren Şimşek
19:38 22 Dec 23
19:38 22 Dec 23
james auldjames auld
18:25 20 Dec 23
Yavuz provided very good customer service, very friendly and approachable.He followed up when he said he would and I would recommend him without hesitation.
akhil kothaakhil kotha
18:43 19 Dec 23
Evolve hair transplant is a great clinic!. Satisfied the whole process from pick up at the airport to departure. The staff were very friendly and very professional.They answered my questions months after the procedure so I’m glad I have the assistance. I will recommend this clinic to everyone 🙂
Kelsterbach IsmailKelsterbach Ismail
07:08 07 Dec 23
Thank you for everything, everything was as I wanted from start to finish, everything was perfect from the doctor to the assistants. I never felt alone. Even after the operation, they call me every day and ask me what to do. If you want to have a hair transplant in Istanbul, I think the address should be Evolve Hair Center!
Cengizhan AkCengizhan Ak
19:31 03 Dec 23
Unbelievable 🙏🙏
19:00 03 Dec 23
Great service, clinic is very clean and doctors are experts and attentive to your needs, still in contact after my surgery and communication from them is always clear and to the point.Highly recoomend with good conscience.
Ibrar MakaveliIbrar Makaveli
11:04 01 Dec 23
Awesome clinic, I have done my operation 4 month ago
Suresh ChowdarySuresh Chowdary
19:49 30 Nov 23
Very good experience, treatment was good, no pain , after care was excellent and the results are amazing.Will recommend Evolve hair center.
Bilal UcaBilal Uca
21:05 25 Nov 23
Ramy AlsaartiRamy Alsaarti
19:47 23 Nov 23
I had great and above expectation experience with Mr Yavus and very happy with the result of the hair transplant.His communication was excellent and respectful, he answered all the questions quickly and thoroughly, he followed up with me regularly to make sure I am happy with the results.Highly recommend.
vineeth reddykvineeth reddyk
20:54 21 Nov 23
Hie iam very very happy for my result excellent result from them amazing now iam looking very smart and my confidence level everything is boost for me the special thanks to Yavuz brother he is a very honest and caring person. He treats me like own brother I will give 5 star rating for the treatment .
Stefan BeerStefan Beer
22:48 16 Nov 23
When I decided to have a hair transplant I wasn’t really sure what to expect and was hesitant, all I knew is I wanted my confidence back. 5 and a half months later I have my confidence back and not even half way through the journey. It’s not been a plain sailing journey but a very rewarding end goal was all I was ever concentrating on. A massive thank you to Yavuz and the team for everything, your aftercare and attention to detail has always 💯.If anyone is having thoughts of taking this journey look no further.
momed mohamomed moha
00:10 15 Nov 23
I underwent a hair-transplant with this clinic and all i can say is that they are a first class clinic with professionalism at a very high standard. The nurses and the surgeon were absolutely brilliant and very caring understanding all my needs. My guide Mr Yavuz has been exceptional and has been with me every step even after returning to the UK he has been supporting me with the after care and providing me with his expertise advise.It has been 8 months since i had the procedure done and I am happy with the results as my hair is growing back.My guide has been in touch with me throughout these last 8 months and always makes time to answer my questions and advises me on how i should take care of my hair.Im definitely happy with the procedure and cannot recommend it enough with this outstanding clinic.
Anass LamyasserAnass Lamyasser
12:03 12 Nov 22
Serious service honorable medical team work honestly and professionallyI thank all the team for the final work I am very happy and I highly recommend Mr yavuz clinic hat!
Gianni BusaccaGianni Busacca
09:49 08 Nov 22
I did the transplant together with my son and we turned to an expert person like mr. Yavuz..I must say that we were very satisfied with the work they did .. personally I am really satisfied and happy .. Yavuz is a very reliable professional .. a person who assists you from the beginning to the end 24 hours a day .. like a true friend ..sweet polite reliable always available for it for hospitality for accommodation and transportation to the hotel.. for transportation from the hotel to the Clinic.. for anything..and also available to advise you on visiting the city etc etc.. in short, I didn't have to do anything.. Mr. Yavuz took care of everything..Beautiful experience..beautiful person..
Daniel BusaccaDaniel Busacca
11:58 05 Nov 22
I performed a hair transplant through yavuz and I had a great time in all respects. I was followed up right from my arrival at the airport and I immediately noticed how much passion he puts into what he does, serious and available 24/7. the days, his experience and knowledge in this environment meant that I received a perfect job even more than my expectations a person who enters your heart and you don't forget a really special guy I highly recommend to everyone because you can really trust
Mou NirMou Nir
08:39 05 Nov 22
I was very satisfied, he always enlightened me and was very helpful.His team did a great job compared to someone else I've worked with before.
Mohamed A.Mohamed A.
17:16 04 Nov 22
Brilliant result. I was warmly welcomed and extensively and competently advised.I'm glad I chose Mr Yavus and I can only recommend you to him. The treatment was more than successful.Here you are in the best hands. Thanks so much.
Çağıl CeylanÇağıl Ceylan
14:06 29 Oct 22
The reviews don’t do enough justice as to how good the experience is with Mr. Yavuz! From the hotel pick ups, to the service at the clinic as well as the surgery! All I can say is that the experience well Exceeded my expectations. The people at the clinic were amazing, same at the hospital during surgery. Amazing! It makes me happy and made it that much more worth the trip! Just got my transplant done yesterday, so I have to wait on the results months from now!
Naghmeh NikiNaghmeh Niki
10:18 25 Aug 22
5 months ago my friend had his hair transplantation process and he is super happy with the result so far. We say big thank you for Mr Yavuz and the whole staff who took care of with us during the process. Best team, thank you. 🙏🏽😊
fabian tuckerfabian tucker
17:11 22 Aug 22
My brothers and I had a great time in Istanbul. We were treated with respect, shown great hospitality and we will always remember the grand tour we had of the town.Thank God the surgeries were successful and we are pleased with the results we have seen so far.Thank you and your team for making it an awesome experience for us there.
Michael MontiMichael Monti
15:20 02 Apr 22
so glad I chose this clinic and did my research the clinic was modern state of the art clean and welcoming. The staff where excellent at there job and very polite and helpful which put my mind at ease as a patient in a Foreign country amazing results and friendships that will last a lifetime god bless Mr Yavuz clinic in Istanbul for there expertise and knowledge. 🙏
Mohd Azwan AzizanMohd Azwan Azizan
05:22 09 Mar 22
I had my hair transplant surgery done recently in Feb-2021 with Mr Yavuz Clinic after months of communication with him. Despite the uncertainty to travel from Malaysia, Mr Yavuz was very patient and professional to provide clarifications on the service and situation in Turkey.Then, when I have the travel arrangement done, Mr Yavuz outlined his plan for the transport, hotel, surgery and post surgery arrangement.Finally, when I arrived in Instanbul, everything was perfectly arranged as per the plan. The VIP transport arrived timely. The hospital facilities are in premium class. There is a comfortable prayer room for Muslim to perform prayer.The registration and consultation was done in a private room by a professional Doctor. Finally, the medical team took over to proceed with the next process until the surgery was completed. It took almost 8 hours to complete the operation.Mr Yavuz was always helpful to provide the clarification on my queries during the process.The next day, I was taken to the hospital again for the cleansing, it was carefully done by the Doctor without any pain.In overall, I am happy and so satisfied with the professional service of Mr Yavuz and his team. There was no trust issue, everything was transparent, from the begining.Regards,Azwan AzizanKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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The reviews don’t do enough justice as to how good the experience is with Mr. Yavuz! From the hotel pick ups, to the service at the clinic as well as the surgery! All I can say is that the experience well Exceeded my expectations.

Çağıl Ceylan


It was truly a blast there, meaning we had a great time in Istanbul, not to mention that grand tour we had which we will all remember.
Thank God the surgeries were successful and we are pleased with the results we have seen so far.
Thank you and your team for making it an awesome experience for us there.



So glad I chose this clinic and did my research the clinic was modern state of the art clean and welcoming. The staff where excellent at there job and very polite and helpful which put my mind at ease as a patient you are not sure what to expect when you arrive in a Foreign country amazing results and friendships that will last a lifetime god bless Yavuz clinic for there expertise and knowledge.




What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which the hair is extracted along with its roots from the part of the individual’s scalp, called the donor area, and transplanted to the area with weak hair or the area that is completely bald.

Why is Turkey a popular location for the hair transplant surgery?

In recent years, Turkey has become the most popular country with hair transplant procedures for price advantage, having good quality hair transplant doctors and technicians in the country, offering tourism and holiday opportunities to the patients and high patient satisfaction rate.

Is hair transplant surgery painful?

Hair transplant surgery is performed under local anesthesia to numb the area to be transplanted. Since the scalp will be numb after anesthesia, no pain will be felt during the operation. However, local anesthesia procedures are usually performed with little or no pain.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey?

The cost of hair transplantation may vary depending on many reasons such as the clinic, doctor/medical team and the method to be used in the hair transplant surgery. Contact us today and we can discuss your particular situation and give you a quote.

Will I need to use any medication after a hair transplant surgery?

Medications you should use after hair transplant surgery: *antibiotic tablet (1 week) *pain reliever, (when you have pain) *anti-edema pill (3 days) *blood thinner tablet (5 days) All these medications will be given to you in your post-operation medical kit after the hair transplant surgery is done.

How many days should I stay in Turkey for the hair transplantation surgery?

At Evolve Hair Center, we host our patients in Turkey for 3 nights/4 days;

  *On the first day, we leave our hair transplant patient to his/her hotel to rest.

  *On the second day, we pick up our patient from the hotel early in the morning and bring him/her to our clinic for the operation.

  *On the third day, we give our patient time off to rest and take a break before washing.

  *On the fourth day, we bring our patient to our clinic for a 1-hour washing and post-operation doctor check-up, and then we accompany our patient to the airport where the departure flight will take place.

How many hours does a hair transplant take?

A hair transplant surgery may vary depending on the number of follicles to be transplanted. It usually takes between 6-8 hours.

Can I wear a hat after the hair transplantation surgery?

For the first 10 days after the hair transplant operation, our patients can wear only the hat that we give them with the post-operation medical kit.

Will there be any scars after the hair transplant operation?

If the hair transplantation operation is done with the FUE method rather than the FUT method, there will be absolutely no scar left after the operation.

When can I start going to GYM after the hair transplant operation and do heavy exercises again?

It is NOT recommended to do heavy exercises for 1 month after the hair transplantation operation. It is recommended to do light sports and cardio exercises after 2 weeks from the surgery day.

When can I return to my daily life and work after hair transplantation?

If you do not work in an extremely hot environment, do not have to lift and carry heavy things at work, do not have to wear a cap or hat that will squeeze the transplanted area, and if you don’t work in a dusty place you can continue your daily life and work the next day the hair transplantation surgery is done.

Can I use the lotion for the donor area?

Yes, you can use the lotion on the donor area as well. However, if you use the lotion on the donor area then, you may cause earlier exhaustion of it.

Does exposure to sunlight after hair transplantation negatively affect the post-operative period?

After the operation, you should not be exposed directly to sunlight, especially for the first 10 days. Also, you should not stay in a very humid environment for a long time for the first 2 months after the operation.

When is it possible to see a good result after a hair transplant operation?

Although good results begin to be seen 6-8 months after the hair transplantation operation, your final result will appear by the end of the first year.

Will there be swelling on my face after the hair transplant operation?

Swelling may appear in the forehead and facial areas after the operation due to the liquid drugs injected under the skin during the hair transplantation operation. It is normal. If swelling occurs, apply ice therapy and light massage around the area where the swelling occurs. The swelling will go away within a few days after the hair transplant operation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using finasteride and minoxidil?

Finasteride and minoxidil use after hair transplant surgery may cause side effects such as headache, heart palpitations and erectile dysfunction in some patients. The use of products containing Finasteride and Minoxidil after hair transplantation accelerates the healing process.

Which season is the most suitable for hair transplant surgery?

There is no season for hair transplantation, it can be done at any time of the year. However, there are certain things to pay attention to during the recovery period after the operation.

When can I have the first hair cut after hair transplantation?

– Haircut instructions after hair transplantation operation;

– After 2 weeks, we can shave only the donor area with a machine.

– Do not touch the hair transplanted area in the first month. However, after 1 month, you can shave the transplanted area ONLY with scissors.

– You can shave the transplanted area with a machine ONLY at the end of the 3rd month after the hair transplant operation.

– After 8 months, you can shave the hair transplanted area with a razor.

Are there alternative treatments that can replace hair transplantation?

Finasteride and Minoxidil, as well as shampoos and vitamin tablets containing anti-hair loss ingredients, are alternative treatments to be considered instead of hair transplantation surgery.

You can visit our website for alternative treatments;

When can I have my first sexual intercourse after hair transplantation?

You can have sexual intercourse in the next day after the hair transplantation operation if you do not spend too much effort and ensure that no object touches the hair transplantation area. However, it is still recommended not to have sexual intercourse for at least 1 week after the operation.

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